It is hard to believe that we are preparing our Thanksgiving tables already.  I have so very much to be thankful for, and it truly is the "little things" that are, in actuality, the "BIG things".  My family is my treasure, my faith is my foundation, my music is my joy and my friends are priceless…  I have learned that so many other things in this life are fleeting… and they may make life easier and provide more options as to "how" extravagantly we can live…  But, faith, family, friends and using our gifts and growing in them…  these are the things that really matter.  I am so thankful that I have come to realize that truth!!   

I am in the midst of a very exciting holiday performance season.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and into the New Year, I will be busy performing for small events, large concert productions, theatre performances,  a cabaret concert with my dear and amazingly talented friend, Cameron White.  And, to top it all off…  I am thrilled to be heading to Orlando over New Year's to perform numerous singing and acting showcases for 70-80 of the top entertainment industry reps at the SHINE convention through AMTC!  What an incredible opportunity that will be!!

In other thrilling news, my children's book,  "A Tale of Two Princesses" (a tale of two sisters brought together from opposite sides of the globe through adoption) will be available to the world on Amazon, Nook and Kindle soon!  So thrilled to see this story come alive with the beautiful illustrations of Ellen C. Maze!!!

Stay Tuned!!!!


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